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BW-K Hume

BW-K Hume is a blend of potassium and humic acids that develops soil health and productivity while acting as a mineral chelator - bonding to bio-available cations and holding them until the plant is ready for uptake and absorption. This specially blended BW Fusion product was engineered as an ideal food source that drives biological diversity throughout the lifecycle of any crop. BW-K Hume doesn’t stop with plant benefits, though. The humic acids in this product actively and physically improve soil health and structure, reviving depleted soils and bringing superior form back to highly-disturbed rhizospheres.

Crop-Specific Benefits:

  • Enhance root growth and improve drought resistance
  • Increase yields in most crops (on-farm trials)

Soil-Specific Benefits:

  • Enhance mineral chelation for optimal plant availability
  • Increase water holding capability and aeration
  • Regenerate soil depletion

BW-K Hume is formulated to benefit any crop or soil type and acts as a mineral chelator for optimal nutrient uptake.


30-75 lbs/acre




Spring Pre-Plant

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