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Bodie Kitchel

Bodie Kitchel

National Director of Agronomy

Meet Bodie Kitchel, our National Director of Agronomy. Bodie is genuinely respected by peers and growers across the U.S. for his sincere desire to better understand all things plant physiology, soil chemistry, and crop nutrition responses, and then sharing that with every grower possible. Bodie is often found on the phone connecting with BW Fusion growers to help them make the connection between what is occurring in their field with how to adjust crop nutrition or inputs.

His deep understanding for practical agronomy that is best for the farmer came from some of his earlier career experiences and has since gained an avid following of various crop producers who highly value Bodie’s recommendations.

After attending Ivy Tech Community College in Indiana for ag business management, Bodie spent time working in the seed industry and ag retail, but eventually landed as a private agronomist for a company in North Carolina. With a territory from North Carolina to Nebraska and Tennessee to Minnesota, Bodie found himself traveling numerous states visiting farmers.

It was in those travels that Bodie realized he was in search of a company that was as hungry as he was to make nutrient management more efficient and help growers’ achieve production goals across every inch of their fields. This led him to Biodyne and eventually BW Fusion. Since 2019, Bodie has traveled all across the U.S. talking with growers about how to optimize their crop nutrition programs from data analysis to input selection to application timing.

Bodie grew up in rural Indiana, where his roots are still planted. Bodie’s experience with agriculture started at a young age, helping out on his family’s cattle, corn and soybean farming operation, which he still enjoys being a part of. When not traveling to visit BW Fusion growers and dealers, Bodie is most often found with his three children and wife, Natalie, soaking up time on their own piece of land in Indiana.

Check out Bodie's Twitter, where he has gained a following by diving deeper into agronomic conversations and showcasing BW Fusion products along the way. He’s not only found in the field, but can often be found in front of the camera sharing valuable crop production insights. Here’s some of his latest work:

I embrace what I don’t know and set out to find the answer. Whatever I don’t know or can’t figure out, I surround myself with people that do know. I have a deep passion for wanting to help farmers succeed, learning more about what I don’t know and becoming an expert in the field in those areas.

It's all about the people, products and the proof. It’s what we’re all about. We do business the right way, by providing quality products with sound agronomics. We lead with agronomics and don’t push our products just to make another dollar–we want to make sure our products fit into growers’ operations. Our team is here to help and educate you to maximize your field's potential. We are bringing a better understanding of how biology and soil chemistry work together to the table.

There is so much that we don’t know and that hasn’t been explored. We are diving deeper into crop nutrition to help growers be as efficient as they can be on their operations. We work with growers to put together the missing pieces and understand how their plant and soil synergy is working together, maximizing their crop's potential.

  1. MeltDown - This product focuses on carbon availability and has the ability to stimulate and feed the soil, all while maintaining the biological activity we are looking for.
  2. Environoc 401 - The perfect duo to MeltDown. They go hand in hand.
  3. N Trust - The nitrogen efficiency of this product is outstanding. It protects nitrogen while making those nitrogen dollars more efficient.

We put our products through an extensive trial period, where we put them under a microscope and take steps needed to prove not only the performance, but the nutrient availability and uptake in the plant, before we can talk about the yield component that comes within it. Agronomy 365 is an independent validation that confirms what we know about our products and how good they are and gives us the opportunity to take our products to the field and test out their accuracy.